We, all smiles behind dusted crates of Singapore

                                Compared fingerprints and bellybuttons

                Hope gushed across the foams of coming tide

                                Parrots in wire mesh laughed at the webs

                                Of our hand, green and crimson

                                From a jeweler’s imagination

                                                Clasped shut with tightness beholden to

                                Unworn leather belts, nearly forgotten under

                A floral Parisian bed sheet


                                                Milk tipped from an unfrosted mug

                Some charming rattle

                                                Broken by teak steps above

                                Her eyes

                                                                Peach pits

                                A flawless afternoon grape

                                                                Rough skin of the knuckle to braise the

                                                Sows of carriage-carried adultery

                                                                The fuzz of her upper lip

                                A feeling of moss cleansing tree bark of its bite

We, all smiles behind galvanized dreams in the Luxembourg Gardens

                                Took chisels to our shoulders in order to find shelter.


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